Uta Kohaku 琥珀うた, Japanese Porn Actress, Gets 100 Bottles Of Semen From Fans (NSFW)

A Japanese porn actress has at least 100 fans that would give their lives to her. Well, at least help her give life to another.

As part of an upcoming erotic opus tentatively titled "Semen Collection 2," Uta Kohaku 琥珀うた asked her fans on Twitter to donate to the cause by sending in bottles of their own male bodily fluids for inclusion in the film, according to the Brazilian website, Odia.ig.com.br.

The actress received more than 100 bottles of sperm-filled plastic bottles in a 10-day period, each featuring the name of the dirty donator, DigitalJournal.com reported.

Kohaku appreciated the randy response to her request and, according to RocketNews24.com, promised her fans: "I will care for them as if it were my own child.”

Shooting for the film commenced Dec. 20 and there is no word on whether it will be released in the U.S. or what Kohaku will do with the donations after all the shooting is completed.

(12/27/2012, The Huffington Post)


The Great Wall of Vagina (Japanese version)

In Japan...

OK: Bestiality, scat, coprophilia, urolagnia, extreme BDSM, fisting, simulated rape, possession of child porn, distribution of child porn (up until 2003).

NG: Vagina, penis.

‘Great Wall of Vagina’ artist surprised by Tokyo’s ‘obscene’ claim

TOKYO - The British artist whose plaster sculpture of women’s vaginas was earlier this week considered “obscene” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police is surprised by the claim.

“Japan is a sophisticated and forward-looking culture that should be able to accept all forms of creative expression,” Jamie McCartney wrote in an email to The Tokyo Reporter. “The purpose of the artwork is not to be sexually arousing but instead to be educational and alleviate the unnecessary anxiety many women feel about their genitals.”

Shukan Post (Aug. 17-24) and Shukan Gendai (Sep. 15 and 22-29) published color and black-and-white pictures of McCartney’s “Great Wall of Vagina,” which comprises a series of rows of white plaster figures shaped like female genitalia.

The peace preservation division of the metropolitan police on Wednesday warned both magazines, deeming the publication of the display a crime of “obscene public exhibition.”

Article 175 of Japan’s Penal Code prohibits the distribution, sale, or public display of obscene writings, pictures, or other materials. The code, however, does not define what specific type of content the law constitutes as being obscene.

“The images are exactly that of female genitalia,” said the police in a statement. “The degree of obscenity is high.” The department added that both tabloids are accessible by a large number of people, which means that their influence is large.

The “Great Wall of Vagina” was displayed in public at the Hay Hill Gallery between May 8 and June 2 in London. It will appear at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan, Italy between December 5 and March 10, 2013. A show in Tokyo is now in the planning stages, McCartney said.

“I’m sure that once the Tokyo police are persuaded of the distinction between my work and pornography they will take a more moderate stance,” McCartney said. “This is about the human condition. Sometimes art can be a powerful tool for social change but it can be very threatening to those for whom change is not seen an necessarily good. Provocative and cutting edge art is always going to have objections.”

(Nov 23, 2012, Tokyo Reporter)


Asian Diva Girl Khyanna Song

The closest equivalent to the genre of gravure in English might be called glamour photography. A newly relaunched site called Asian Diva Girls showcases the work of its glamour photographer/videographer featuring some of the most exotic and best looking Asian American models from the West Coast.

Here's nude Hmong Laotian babe Khyanna Song from Northern California.



Chakuero model Satsuki

More chaku ero from CKE 18 galleries -- Satsuki !


Chaku-Ero at Tumblr

New chaku-ero site CKE18 with Machiko

A new chaku-ero site CKE18 in English has just been launched! Chaku-ero gravure idols are girls who pose semi-nude or implied nude, just barely naked but with still enough left to the imagination to tease you. Like Machiko here, although she bares her boobs and shows a bit more than your typical chakuero model.




  • Tax office vice chief held over up-skirt pic
  • Voyeur cop busted for taking schoolgirl photos

    Source: Chirarism Blog

    "A document of panty upskirt peeping crimes committed in Japan invariably by policemen, school teachers, government officials and other authority figures granted with the public's trust."

  • 2012-09-18

    Saki Onodera - Gravure idol to AV actress

    Sometimes I wonder what happens to all those gravure idols after they pass their Christmas expiration date (25 years old, don't blame me it's an expression in Japan). Some become AV actresses, while others I wonder if they just get married or find regular day jobs.

    Check out Saki Onondera here, she's definitely managed to maintain her awesome body in youthful shape since her gravure days as an 18-year-old. In some ways I find her pics now even more sexy, but maybe that's just because I'm getting old too.

    AKB48 Lesbian Commercial

    Another example of mainstream industry using gratuitous sex -- popular Japanese pop singers and gravure idols AKB48 engaging in faux lesbian kisses to push a candy product. We don't need gratuitous love or sex scenes in movies, and we certainly don't need them in commercials, unless you are selling condoms or vibrators. I can't stand the hypocrisy of those who are fine with the suggestive kawaii sexuality of their pop idols but then make a big fuss when they become AV actresses (porn stars) like former AKB48 member Rina Nakanishi ( 中西里菜 ). Now if only Tomomi Itano ( 板野友美 ) would follow in her footsteps ;-) She's making money off her sexuality already to sell just about every other product in Japan.

    U-15 gravure idol Saaya Irie

    紗綾11歳 DVD from Amazon Japan

    I remember there was some hoopla a while back about bikini photos of U-15 gravure idol Saaya Irie, who was 11 years old at the time. U-15, of course, means under-15, and in fact she was actually U-12 at her debut. What many people don't realize is that these "junior idols" are a mainstream part of Japanese life. If you check Amazon Japan (amazon.co.jp) you can actually find even younger innocent girls and boys who are not even in elementary school yet in provocative swimsuit poses, exploited by their cash-strapped pachinko-playing parents and sleazy industry producers. I have no problem with the expression of sexuality, but leave sexiness to the adults. Let the kids at least reach puberty first for almighty's sake before you start exploiting them.



    I've always been a big fan of the Japanese GRAPHIS nude gravure site, except for the fact that Japan is still too insular to accept my foreign credit card and believes that a woman's pussy is somehow dirty and needs to be covered up with a ridiculous mosaic. Now I've found a site called GRAVURE.COM that combines the best of both worlds, the uninhibited sensuality of Western nude art photos with the fresh-and-cuteness of Japanese nude gravure. And in English, yay!


    Nao Shiraishi Japanese AV dildo masturbation

    Nao Shiraishi Japanese AV dildo masturbation brought to you by PornHub

    What is gravure?

    Gravure, short for photogravure, is a method of printing. But in Japan the word "gravure" describes genres of pin-up imagery, often in swimsuits, implied nude ("chaku-ero") and sometimes nude. There is a whole market of gravure magazines and photobooks (hence the loan word from the printing industry) featuring young female models and idols, and sold in bookstores and local convenience stores. Gravure photography is Japan's take on glamour or art nude photography but often focuses more on the kawaii cuteness of the girls rather than sexuality. Even nude gravure photos focus on this kawaii-ness in addition to the sensual beauty of the female body. Alas there is literally one area that Japanese nude gravure disappoints, and that has to do with the mosaic censoring of human genitalia. Of course, the Japanese are known for their weird crazy fetishes, which are legal, but for some reason they shy away when it comes to something as natural as parts of the human body. It was only recently that "hair nudes" (showing pubic hair in publications) was permitted. Let's hope with globalization and a more open mind, Japan will come to their realm of the senses.

    Miku Himeno 姫乃未来

    Miku Himeno